SafetySuit (United States)


New release from the United States


SafetySuit are an alternative band out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The band formed in 2002 but only released their debut album Life Left To Go in 2008.  This album spawned three great singles.  Their latest album These Times was released this year which debuted at #1 of iTunes top album charts.


The Offspring (United States)


New release from the United States



The Offspring formed in 1984 in California.  In 1994 the bands third album Smash became a huge success.  The next five albums also receive praise from critics and spawned hit singles.  The band now has a new album Days Gone By.  The album is set to be released this month.  They have already released two singles off of this album, “Days Gone By” and (just released today) “Cruising California”.


All the Young (England)

New release from England


When doing posts of new releases in the UK I sadly neglected to mention this fantastic alternative band so I just had to post it now.  All the Young are an alternative band from Stoke-on-Trent.  They released their debut album Welcome Home in April of 2012 and have released five singles off the album.  The band is currently touring England so check out their tour dates if you are there, it would be an amazing concert!

Silversun Pickups (United States)


New Release from the United States


Silversun Pickups is an alternative band from Los Angeles.  They formed in 2002 and have released three studio albums and three EP’s.  Their second album Swoon was very successful and the band was nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammys in 2009.  Their new studio album release is Neck of the Woods.

Apologies, I Have None (England)


New release from England


Apologies, I have none is a four piece band out of London.  They formed in 2004 and released four EP’s until releasing their debut album London in March of 2012.  The band regularly tour the UK and Europe.  The above video is the second single off their new album, “Clapton Pond”.

Racoon (Netherlands)


The week featuring the Netherlands



Racoon are a rock band from Zeeland, that formed in 1997.  They made their first big appearance as the opening act at the Noorderslag festival in 1999.   The band released their debut album Till Monkeys Fly in 2000 and their first single became a hit.  They had a very successful hit single in 2005 with “Love you More”.  The bands fifth album Liverpool Rain was released in 2011 and their biggest hit single “No Mercy” is off this album.

Alternative Music from Israel

Israel’s initial attitude towards rock music was negative in the 1960’s.  But towards the end of the decade, rock and roll began to gain legitimacy.  Western musicians arrived in Israel and influences of the pop revolution began to permeate local cultures.  The 1970’s saw an emerging progressive rock scene.  The 1980’s saw a number of rock bands become popular and 1991 was the year of the breakthrough for Israeli alternative rock bands and singers.  Today rock music is still very popular with new bands and artists emerging all the time.

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