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This week #1 single in Sweden


LOREEN – Euphoria

Loreen is the stage name for Lorine Zineb Noka Talhaoui,who was born in Stockholm in 1983.  She became famous when she took part in Swedish Idol in 2004 and finished 4th.  She won the national final on March 10 and will now represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan.  Her single “Euphoria” is the #1 single in Sweden and also reached the #1 spot in Finland.




The Radio Debt (Sweden)

Featuring Sweden


The Radio Debt formed in 1995 in Lund.  The band first received recognition from three singles off their EP Pulling Our Weight.  In 2003 they released the album Lesser Matters and in 2006 they released Pet Grief.  The band released two more EP’s before the release of the album Clinging to the Scheme in 2010.

Weeping Willows (Sweden)

This week featuring Sweden


Weeping Willows are an alternative/indie band formed in 1995, from Stockholm.  The bands debut album Broken Promise Land and their second album Endless Night were influenced by music of the 50’s and 60’s.  Their third album Into the Light, released in 2002, saw a stylistic turn toward a more modern alternative sound.  This album received a #1 spot on the Swedish charts.  The band released three more albums and all had major chart success in Sweden.  Lead singer Magnus Carlson teamed up with “The Moon Ray Quintet” and released their second album together Echoes in 2010.


The Hives (Sweden)

This week featuring Sweden


The Hives are known as a “garage rock band”, they formed in 1993 and are from Fagersta.  They released their first album in 1997.  The bands second album Veni Vidi  Vicious was released in 2000, the album yielded five singles and had some chart success.  Tyrannosaurus Hives was released in 2004, containing three hit singles.  The Hives released their fourth album The Black and White Album in 2007 and have announced they are busy with their fifth album to be released in 2012.  The Hives are also known for their great live performances with their everchanging black and white suits.




The Tallest Man on Earth (Sweden)

This week featuring Sweden


The Tallest Man on Earth is the moniker for singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson from Dalarna, Sweden.  Matsson has been compared to Bob Dylan in both song writing ability and vocal style.  He is married to Swedish singer-songwriter Amanda Bergman, who performs under the moniker Idiot Wind.  The couple have toured extensively together.  The tallest Man on Earth released a debut album in 2008, Shallow Grave.  In 2010 he released his second album, The Wild Hunt.   This album was also voted the top album of 2010 by the staff of Sputnikmusic and was in the top 200 of the UK charts.


I Break Horses (Sweden)

This week featuring Sweden


I Break Horses is a male, female duo from Stockholm that formed in 2008.  Maria Lindén and Fredrik Balck – operate in unconventional manner, Lindén writes the music, Balck the lyrics: but Linden sings them.  The released their debut album Hearts in 2011, which gathered favorable reviews.  Their music has been described as “heady, sumptuously textured landscapes”.   I Break Horses has been touring for the first time in promotion of their new album.

The Perishers (Sweden)

This week featuring Sweden


I heard this amazing band, then found out they were from Sweden.  The Perishers are an alternative band from Umeå, Sweden formed in 1997.  Their debut album From Nothing to One was released in 2002 and their second album Let there be Morning in 2003.  The bands last studio album was Victorious in 2007.  Although this band have not had any commercial hits they have a large fan base in Europe and North America.  Their songs have been featured in numerous television episodes as well as in commercials and video games.  Great band, I hope they work on a new album soon.

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