Gerard Quintana (Spain)

This week featuring Spain


is a Catalan singer, songwriter, poet, writer, actor, and radio and TV personality. He came to prominence in 1986-2001 as the lead singer of the Catalan rock/pop group “Sopa de Cabra”.  Since the dissolution of the band in 2001, he has pursued a very successful solo career.  Quintana is a very articulate and charismatic speaker, and has become a well-known figure in Catalan culture quite apart from his musicianship. In recent years he has not hesitated to express his personal political and ideological views, including his support for Catalan independence.





Pablo Alboran (Spain)

This week featuring Spain


This young Spanish singer was born in 1989 in Malaga.  At age 12 he composed his first song, which he would use 10 years later on his debut album.  His first single  “Solamente Tú” was released in 2010.  It was a huge success topping the Spanish charts and winning awards.  His debut album Pablo Alborán was released in 2011 and went to top the charts becoming the best selling album in Spain in 2011.  At the moment he has two singles on the Spanish charts in #3 and #18 positions.



Russian Red (Spain)

This week featuring Spain


Russian Red is the stage name for Lourdes Hernández, a Spanish indie and folk singer-songwriter.  She started her music career in 2007.  She writes and sings all of her compositions in English and states that she sings in that language instinctively because she has always listened to music in English.  Little by little, Hernández has become well known in the Spanish indie arena, performing more than 60 shows during 2007.  She released her first album I love Your Sunglasses in 2008 and she became popular in Spain.  She released her second album Fuerteventura in 2011.



Los Planetas (Spain)

This week featuring Spain


Los Planetas (The Planets) is a Spanish indie grouped which formed in 1993 in Grenada.  The group’s first hit was “Qué puedo hacer” (What can I do?) from their album “Super 8”.   Los Planetas are strongly influenced by English-language rock bands such as early-period Mercury Rev and are considered to be a key reference point in the world of Spanish indie.

Dover (Spain)

This week featuring Spain


Dover are a Spanish band formed in Madrid in 1990.  Most of their songs are sung in English.  They have released seven albums, the most recent being I Ka Kené released in 2010.  The first single off that album,  ‘Dannaya’. It is sung in Bambara, an African language and English and, according to their Facebook page, the single is inspired by a Malian immigrant they met.   In 2000, Dover received an award from MTV Europe for Best Spanish Artist.

Alternative Music from Spain

This week I will be featuring music from Spain.  There are many genres of music in Spain.  There have also been a number of acts who have incorporated the Celtic musical heritage of that region into Celtic rock sung in Spanish, there have also been quite a few rock bands singing in the other languages spoken in Spain. The most important such scene being Rock català, sung in Catalan.  Spain’s largest and oldest rock music scenes are in Madrid and Barcelona.