Jesse Jordan Band (South Africa)

Featuring South Africa


Jesse Jordan Band formed in Cape Town in 1999.  They released their debut album Lately When She Cries in 2000.  The second album Inconsistent Behavior was released in 2004 and by third third album World Peace they had a #1 single in South Africa “Be with you”.  They have released their latest album Ready for the World and on a nationwide tour promoting the album.


Civil Twilight (South Africa)

Featuring South Africa


(if the video is blocked here is an alternate link Civil Twilight)

This three-piece alternative rock band is from Cape Town and formed in 1996.  They released their debut album Human in 2007 and gained an extra boost when several of their songs where featured on TV series in the US.  The band released their self titled album in 2009.  They had moderate success on the US album charts with the single “Letters from the Sky”.  Civil Twilight was announced the release of their new album Holy Weather for March 2012, the single “Fire Escape” has already been released and is doing well on the charts.  Good luck to these guys and their new album.

Freshly Ground (South Africa)

This week featuring South Africa


This seven piece band formed in Cape Town in 2002, has members from all across South Africa including one from Mozambique.  They have created a signature sound overtly rooted in Afro-Pop.  The band released their debut album in 2003 to commercial success.  In 2004 they released their very successful album “Nomvula” and “Ma’Cheri” was released in 2007.  Their latest album “Radio Africa” was released in 2010.  A song by Pop star “Shakira” and Freshly Ground was the official anthem of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  The song was titled “Waka Waka”.  The band is currently on a “South African Tour 2011”.

Ashtray Electric (South Africa)

This week featuring South Africa


A friend of mine in South Africa told me about this band – what a great find!  Ashtray Electric are an alternative band from Cape Town.  They first launched an EP “The Dave Sessions” in 2007 and the single “Swing” did well on the charts in South Africa.  They released their debut album “Bonjour” in 2009 to rave reviews.  Ashtray Electric won Best Newcomer Award in South Africa this same year.  The band released their new album “Measured in Falls” in 2011 and are busy with a National tour.  Their music is laced with engaging melodies and packed with galloping riffs and attitude.

Just Jinjer (South Africa)

This week featuring South Africa


Just Jinjer (originally Just Jinger) formed in Gauteng in 1994.  They soon established themselves on the South African scene with energetic live shows and catchy guitar pop.  Their debut album “All Comes Around” sold well in South Africa, as did their second album “Something for New”, both achieved platinum certification.  Just Jinjer have released many more albums over the years.  The band moved to California, US for eight years before returning to South Africa.  They have performed in live shows with U2, Counting Crows and Def Leppard, as well as doing their own sold out shows in UK and Dubai.  Their latest international album “Just Jinjer” was released in 2010 and the band is back in the studio working on another album.

Zebra and Giraffe (South Africa)

This week featuring South Africa


Zebra and Giraffe is an alternative rock band from Johannesburg.  The band released their debut album “Collective Memories” in 2008.  Since then the band has endured a whirlwind journey of success.  They have toured South Africa, played alongside international acts such as Oasis and Snow Patrol and picked up Best Alternative and Best Rock awards in South Africa.  The band released “The Knife EP” in 2010 and the single “The Inside”.  Zebra and Giraffe is now ready to stake their international claim!

The Parlotones (South Africa)

This week featuring South Africa


I came across this band on youtube and was impressed by their unique sound.  The bands second album “radiocontrolledrobot” released in 2005 won Best Rock Album in South Africa.  “A World Next to Yours” was released in 2007 and “Stardust Galaxies” in 2009.  The band has a new album slated for a 2012 release.  The Parlotones have won many awards in South Africa and were the support act for the “Coldplay” tour.  The video above is for the single “Overexposed” from their second album and is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen.

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