Klepht (Portugal)

This week featuring Portugal


Klepht are a great rock band out of Lisbon.  This five member band formed in 2000 but only brought out their debut album in 2008.  Thye have performed many concerts across Portugal and were the opening act for Bon Jovi. The bands latest album is Hypochondria.  This album on the one hand, immediately joins the sound of the band, on the other hand, feels a musical evolution, an exploration of new rhythms and a wink to the Anglo-Saxon influences. “One thing we wanted with these two albums was that the band was growing gradually. We never invested much in the image, just wanted people to know the music, “says vocalist Dias Diogo.  Above is their rather racy video “One Night”.



Mazgani (Portugal)

This week featuring Portugal


Shahryar Mazgani is a singer-songwriter from Setúbal, Portugal.  His family left Iran after the Iranian revolution.  He released his debut album, Song of the New Heart, in 2007, all the songs on this album are sung in English.  In 2009 he released an EP titled Tell the People and towards the end of 2009 he released his first international EP Ladies and Gentlemen introducing Mazgani.   His second full-length album, Song of Distance, was released in Portugal in April 2010.




The Gift (Portugal)

This week featuring Portugal


The Gift are an alternative band that formed in 1994 in Alcobaça.  They released their first full album Vinyl in 1998.  At this stage they funded it all on their own and went on a lot of tours to gain recognition.  The gift released four more albums, the latest being Explode in 2011.  In 2005 they won the MTV Europe award for best Portuguese act.  The band have been working on a new album Primavera, said to be released this year.

Mão Morta (Portugal)

This week featuring Portugal

Mão Morta

This avant-garde rock band formed in 1985 in Braga.  The band name means “dead hand”.   Again this is another band which is difficult to put in a genre as they incorporate many genres in their music.  Some consider this band to be very influential and important to Portuguese rock music.  They have released nine studio albums from 1988 – 2010, not be mention the DVD sets, soundtracks and live albums.

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Blasted Mechanism (Portugal)

This week featuring Portugal

Blasted Mechanism

This is a great band with a different sound, quite difficult to put into a genre, they blend alternative-rock, reggae,electronic and folk into one musical style.   The band formed in 1995 in Lisbon.  They released their first full length album Plasma in 1999 and have released four more albums and some DVD sets.  Blasted Mechanism is known for their theatrical live shows using elaborate alien costumes and backgrounds, combined with their unique musical style, all this makes for a truly entertaining show.

Alternative Music from Portugal

This week I will feature some great musicians from Portugal.  Rock music arrived in Portugal in the late 1950’s.  Portugal had a vibrant underground progressive rock scene in the 1970’s.  The scene hit mainstream in 1980 with the release of Ar de Rock by Rui Veloso, which was the first popular Portuguese rock album.  During the mid 80’s synth pop became more prevalent in Portuguese rock and the 90’s saw the rise of the punk rock scene.  Today there are many great alternative artists and a lot of them sing in English to gain international recognition.