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#15 on singles chart, 6 weeks on the chart.


Six60 is a New Zealand rock band that formed in 2006. They released their debut album Six60 in 2011.  This band has two double platinum selling singles ‘Rise Up 2.0′ and ‘Don’t Forget Your Roots’, one platinum selling single ‘Only To Be’ and a triple platinum Number One debut album.  They are becoming popular worldwide and are touring Australia, Europe and the USA.  Their new single “Forever” is #15 on the singles charts in New Zealand this week.





Eye TV (New Zealand)

Eye TV are an alternative rock band that was formed in 1995.  Their single ‘Wish It All Away’ won the Flying Fish Music Video Of The Year in 1998. ‘One Day Ahead’ was the most played New Zealand song on radio and earned a ‘Best Song’ and ‘Best Video’ nomination at the annual New Zealand Music Awards.  In 2001 they released Fire Down Below which had two top 10 singles.


OMC (New Zealand)

This week featuring New Zealand


OMC (Ontara Millionaires Club) is a band from Auckland formed in 1993.  In 1995 OMC released the single “How Bizarre” in New Zealand.  It was immediately a smash hit, even without a video.  This single was #1 in New Zealand, #1 in Australia, #5 on the UK Charts and #1 in many European charts and the rest of the world.  Their debut album “How Bizarre” was released in 1996 and was successful on the album charts.  The single “How Bizarre” is named the greatest New Zealand single of all time and the album “How Bizarre” is the biggest selling record ever to be released by an act originating from and recorded in New Zealand.  The band had moderate success with three other singles.  In 2010 lead singer Pauly Fuemana, died in Auckland at age 40.


Knives at Noon (New Zealand)

This week featuring New Zealand


Heard a song from this band and thought they sounded really good, but being so new there is limited info on the band.  Knives at Noon are a four member band from Dunedin.  They have been together since 2007, but only starting recording and doing shows in 2010.  In 2010 they released “Glitter Days EP”.  The band did a lot of shows and released the single and video “Violins and Violence” (featured above).  Right now the band are putting the finishing touches on a debut album to be released soon.  Great band, look forward to the new album.

Evermore (New Zealand)

This week featuring New Zealand


Evermore are an alternative rock band from Feilding, New Zealand formed in 1999.  The band released their debut album “Dreams” in 2004.  They released three singles off of this album and all had moderate chart success in Australia and New Zealand.  Evermore’s second album “Real Life” was released in 2006.  Four singles were released off of the album and all had success on the charts.  The band toured Australia and New Zealand in support of the album.  The bands third album “Truth of the World:Enjoy the Show” was released in 2009 and had chart success with the single “Hey Boys and Girls”.  In 2010 they released their first international album “Evermore”.  The band are working on a new album set for release in 2012.


Black River Drive (New Zealand)

This week featuring New Zealand


Black River Drive are a four member alternative rock band from Auckland, formed in 2008.  The band released their debut album “Perfect Flaws” in 2010.  The band released four singles off of this album.  The single “Bullet of your Gun” reached #1 on New Zealand radio charts and was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.  The bands third single also reached #1 on the New Zealand radio rock charts.  This is a great rock band and I hope they will start touring internationally.

Midnight Youth (New Zealand)

This week featuring New Zealand


This alternative rock band from Auckland, formed in 2006.  Their debut album “The Brave Don’t Run” was released in 2009.  This album spawned five singles in New Zealand and peaked at #2 on the album charts.  The band won Best Rock Album and Best Rock Group at the 2009 New Zealand Music Awards.  In 2011 the band released their latest album “World Comes Calling”.  Midnight Youth is on a tour of New Zealand at the moment.  They have a great rock sound and I hope this band gets some international recognition with their new album.

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