De Staat (Netherlands)


This week featuring Netherlands



De Staat are an alternative rock band that formed in 2006.  The band released their debut album Wait for Evolution in 2009.  This album won two Best Album awards and a Best Vocalist award.  They released their second album Machinery in 2011.  The band toured extensively promoting this album.  A great band, check them out!


Alamo Race Track (Netherlands)


This week featuring Netherlands



Alamo Race Track are an alternative rock band that formed in Amsterdam in 2001.  The band have released three albums.  The latest album Unicorn Loves Deer was released 2011.  Above is the video for their song “The Northern Territory” which is off their 2006 release Big Cat John Brown.  This band has a great sound!

The Gathering (Netherlands)


This week featuring the Netherlands



The Gathering are an alternative band formed in 1989 by three brothers, there are now five current members.  The band has released nine albums, they have announced that they have been working on a new album with a release date this year.  They have released a new single “Heroes for Ghosts” which will be on the forthcoming album.  This new song can be seen above.

Racoon (Netherlands)


The week featuring the Netherlands



Racoon are a rock band from Zeeland, that formed in 1997.  They made their first big appearance as the opening act at the Noorderslag festival in 1999.   The band released their debut album Till Monkeys Fly in 2000 and their first single became a hit.  They had a very successful hit single in 2005 with “Love you More”.  The bands fifth album Liverpool Rain was released in 2011 and their biggest hit single “No Mercy” is off this album.

Alternative Music from the Netherlands


This week I will feature some alternative bands from the Netherlands.  This country has so many music traditions.  Popular music (Nederpop) is heavily influenced by the music styles that emerged in the 1950’s.  Some of you may not know that the famous band Golden Earring were from the Netherlands.  There are a lot of bands that stick to singing in their native Dutch language but many bands sing in English in the hope of becoming internationally recognized.