Berry Sakharof (Israel)ברי סחרוף

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Israeli rock artist’s Berry Sakharof’s beginning as a musician was at a 70’s progressive rock band named “Halom Kosmi”, but it wasn’t until much later in the 90’s when he recieved critical acclaim.  During the 80’s he played guitar and had a major creative role in the highly regarded Minimal Compact.  In 1988, after Minimal Compact’s demise, he came back to Israel and, recorded the albums “Lehitraot Bechalomotai” and the ground breaking album “Sipurim Mehakufsa”, which is regarded as the precursor of 90’s era Israeli rock.   In 1992 he released “Hakol Oh klum”, followed by “Simanim Shel Hulsha” (which is considered by many to be one of the best Israeli rock records) and “Ham Al Hayare’ach”, but it wasn’t until “Negiot”, which contained a catchy mix of ethnic-inspired-electro-enhanced rock songs, when he got critical media attention and became immensly popular in Israel.



Eggroll (Israel)

This week featuring Israel


The band was formed almost as a game around the turn of the Century when a bunch of high school students joined for a weekend gig organized by their drummer Gil Idan, who’s nickname was EGGROLL, and that’s how the name of the band was chosen, but it wouldn’t be until three years later that they started the musical career, because as any Israeli citizen they had to do their military service.   After some successful cover acts in Tel Aviv theaters and several halls around Israel and Kibutz Horashim, they started to add a couple of own themes (with lyrics in English or Instrumentals) and in 2004 they release the first…DVD, called “EGGROLL – Live Progressive Act” in which they mix excellent cover versions of Thick as a Brick, Starless and Suppers Ready (Starting in Willow’s farm) with two completely original tracks (Into the Dark and China) plus a sixth one with fragments of their own material mixed with images and short words of the band.


Hadag Nahash (Israel)

This week featuring Israel


This funk/alternative band formed in 1996 in Jerusalem.  This band blends popular music with eastern elements.  In 2000, Hadag Nahash released its first studio album “Hamehona Shel Hagroove” (Hebrew: המכונה של הגרוב‎, “The Groove Machine”).  Their second studio album, “Lazuz” (Hebrew: לזוז‎, “To Move”), was released in 2003 and was immediately successful. The band’s third studio album, “Homer Mekomi” (Hebrew: חומר מקומי‎, “Local Material”), was released in 2004. The biggest hit out of the album was “Shirat Hasticker” (Hebrew: שירת הסטיקר‎, “The Sticker Song”) – see video above.   In 2006, Hadag Nahash released “Be’ezrat Hajam” (Hebrew: בעזרת הג’אם‎, With Help of the Jam, which was named Album of the Year at the Israel Music Awards.  Their latest album 6 was released in 2010.



Izabo (israel)

This week featuring Israel



Izabo formed in Petah Tikva, Israel in 1989.  They have a very diverse musical style. The band have established themselves as one of Israel’s most absorbing live acts.   Izabo’s debut LP, The Fun Makers, was released late 2003 to great critical acclaim.  This was followed by their British debut, The Morning Hero EP.  Their second LP, Super Light, was released in July 2008.   In early February it was revealed that Izabo had been chosen by a group of mass communications and music industry experts to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012. The song, Time, has verses in English and choruses in Hebrew.  Congratulations Izabo!


Noam Rotem (Israel)

This week featuring Israel


Noam Rotem is an Israeli singer-songwriter guitarist.  He made his debut in the band Kerach TESZ, this band had several hits.  In 2004 he released his solo album Enoshi Hom , which was warmly received by critics.  . His second album, Ezra Baderech was released in 2007, he was nominated for Album of the Year at the award ceremony Israel Music Awards 2007.  In Poland, he became known through recordings or songs Kitah Szelanu Hebrew-speaking version of the famous song of Jacek Kaczmarski.  Noam Rotem now has a new album “Iron and Stones” which is gaining international recognition.


Rockfour (Israel)

This week featuring Israel


Rockfour formed in Holon in 1988.  The band started out writing and performing in Hebrew, they had success on the Israeli charts.  After the late 1990’s the band began writing new material in English.  Their first full length album in English Supermarket, was released in 2000. During the recording of Memories of the Never Happened in 2007 the band recorded a cover of Pink Floyd’s debut single “Arnold Layne” and submitted it to a competition created by David Gilmour in honor of composer Syd Barrett’s death. Gilmour picked Rockfour’s version as the best cover of the song, and the band won a day of recording at London’s Abbey Road Studios.  In 2010 the band released a Hebrew album Ha’olam Hamufla for the first time in 15 years.


Alternative Music from Israel

Israel’s initial attitude towards rock music was negative in the 1960’s.  But towards the end of the decade, rock and roll began to gain legitimacy.  Western musicians arrived in Israel and influences of the pop revolution began to permeate local cultures.  The 1970’s saw an emerging progressive rock scene.  The 1980’s saw a number of rock bands become popular and 1991 was the year of the breakthrough for Israeli alternative rock bands and singers.  Today rock music is still very popular with new bands and artists emerging all the time.