The Cranberries (Ireland)

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The Cranberries formed in 1989 in Limerick. The band rose to international fame in the 1990s with their debut album, Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?, which became a commercial success.  In 2002 a greatest hits album was released entitled Stars – The Best of 1992 – 2002 which was released along side with eponymous DVD of music videos. The album peaked in the UK was 20. They have released six career albums.  Their latest album Roses, having just been released in Feb. 2012.



Two Door Cinema Club (Ireland)

This week featuring Ireland

Two Door Cinema Club

This Irish alternative rock trio formed in 2007.  Interest in their music increased on their MySpace page, so the band released an EP in 2009 which received positive reviews from critics.  Two Door Cinema Club released their debut album Tourist History in 2010.  Singles off this album were used in television ads, video games and movies.  Tourist History won the Choice Music Award for Irish album of the year in 2010.  The band toured extensively in promotion of their album in 2010 and 2011 and have announced they have been working on a new album.

The Script (Ireland)

This week featuring Ireland


The Script are viewed by some as the most successful modern day Irish band (my son would agree with this).  The band formed in Dublin in 2001, they have also lived in the US and London during their music career.  The Script released their debut album The Script in 2008.  This album and the five released singles had huge success in Ireland and the rest of the world.  The band also won a string of awards.  Their second album Science & Faith  was released in 2010.  This album also had huge success.  Tickets to the bands concerts were selling out in 40 minutes and The Script won the 2010 Best Live Performance at the Meteor Ireland Music Awards.  Their music has been featured on video games and numerous popular TV series.  The band announced that they are working on a new album due for  release late 2012.

The Frames (Ireland)

This week featuring Ireland


The Frames formed in Dublin in 1990.  The band have released 10 albums from 1991 – 2010 with three of these albums reaching #1 on the Irish charts.  The Frames toured the Us in 2002 in support of The New Pornographers.  They released their first live album Breadcrumb Trail that same year.  Front man Glen Hansard began devoting time to a side project band The Swell Season which became an award-winning band.  He is working on a solo album due for release in 2012.

The Dolorentos (Ireland)

This week featuring Ireland


This Dublin based alternative rock band formed in 2005.  Their debut album “In Love with Detail” was released in 200r and received praise in Ireland, entering the Irish charts at #7.  The Dolorantos was the support band for acts such as Dave Matthews Band, Sinead O’Conner and Artic Monkeys.  They also toured the US twice.  Their second album “You Can Make Sound” was released in 2009, it reached #2 on the Irish Singles Chart.  This is a great band, with an attractive guitar sound.  On their website they announced the release of their new 12-track album, Little Sparks, for 27th January 2012.  This is exciting news, can’t wait to hear it.


The Coronas (Ireland)

This week featuring Ireland


The Coronas are from Dublin and formed in 2003 when the members where just 15.  The bands first hit song was “San Diego Song” which remained on the Irish charts for over 24 weeks.  They released their debut album “Heroes or Ghosts” in 2007.  “Tony was an Ex-Con” was their second album released in 2010.  They were nominated for Best Irish Band in the 2008 and 2009 Meteor Awards and won Best album in 2010, beating  US and Snow Patrol.  The bands third album “Closer to You” was released in 2011 and went straight in at #1 on Irish indie charts.  The lead single, “Addicted to Progress” had huge chart success.  These are talented musicians who perform a mixture of pop, electro, indie and rock, they are a band to look out for and deserve international success.

The Walls (Ireland)

This week featuring Ireland


The Walls were formed in 1998 by brothers Joe and Steve Wall, ex-members of The Stunning.  The band set up their own label and released a string of singles.  The single “Bone Deep” became a nationwide hit and other songs have been featured in TV series and films.  The band sent their debut album to US, Bono loved it and offered them a support slot on their tour.  In 2004 The Walls released an album “Drowning Pool” which is described as a “blistering, spleen-venting blues explosion”, it received surprised and divided opinions.  They supported Bob Dylan in concert.  Released in 2005 “New Dawn Breaking”, reached #5 on the Irish album charts and had four hit singles. In 2006 the band traveled to the US and played to packed houses.  A four track EP “Bird in a Cage” was released in 2011.


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