Leaves (Iceland)

This week featuring Iceland


Leaves is an alternative rock band formed in Reykjavik in 2000.  Their debut album “Breathe” was released in 2002.  The album was released in the UK to positive reviews and in the US, a tour of the US and UK followed. The Rolling Stone wrote that Breathe was one of the best unnoticed albums of the year.  The single “Race” had success on the UK charts.  The bands second album “The Angela Test” was released in 2005 and their third album “We Are Shadows” was released in 2009.


Singapore Sling (Iceland)

This week featuring Iceland


Singapore Sling are an alternative band from Reykjavik, formed in 2000.  The band released their debut album “The Curse of” in Iceland 2002 and the USA in 2003.  They played at the Iceland Airwaves music festival in 2002 and toured the USA and Canada in 2003.  Their second album “Life is Killing my Rock ‘N Roll” in Iceland and the US. The band released four more albums in 2005, 2009, 2010 and their latest album “Never Forever” in 2011.  The band did an extensive European tour in 2007.  This band deliver fuzz-guitared garage-style rock.


Feldberg (Iceland)

This week featuring Iceland


Feldberg is a duo of  Eberg (Einar Tönsberg) and Rósa Birgitta Ísfeld from Reykjavik formed in 2009.  In 2010 Feldberg were nominated for three Icelandic music awards and their song “Dreamin” won Best Song.  Their debut album “Don’t Be a Stranger” (with the single Dreamin) was released in 2009 in Iceland, 2010 in Japan and 2011 in UK and US.  They have a new album to be released in 2012. Their music has been used for advertising in Iceland and Icelandair uses Dreamin’ on their inflight music choice when passengers board the plane.

Bang Gang (Iceland)

This week featuring Iceland

Bang Gang

Bang Gang is the one-man band of Barði Johhannsson.  He formed the band in 19996 in Reykjavik.  Although Johannsson has worked with various musicians he remains the only constant member.  The first album “You” was released in Iceland in 1998.  The second album “Something Wrong” was released in 2003 and various songs off of the album were used by TV and media.  “Ghosts From the Past” was the third album released in 2008.  Barði Johannsson is a mysterious and eclectic musician, full of surprises.


Dikta (Iceland)

This week featuring Iceland


One of my favorite bands.  Dikta are an alternative four member band formed in Garðabær in 1999.  The band released their first album “Andartak” in 2002.  All three singles off this album got good radio play in Iceland.  In 2005 “Hunting for Happiness” was released.  All lyrics on this album are in English and the four singles received heavy airplay in Iceland.  Their third album, also with English lyrics, “Get it Together” was released in 2009.  The album was distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and had successful sales and airplay.  The song “Thank You” became the most played song in Icelandic history.  What a great band, their albums need more international recognition!


Of Monsters and Men (Iceland)

This week featuring Iceland


This band from Reykjavik formed in 2007.   They released a single “Little Talks” in 2010 and it has been successful in the indie scene and has received radio airplay here in the US.  In 2010 the band were the winners of “Musiktilraunir” – a nation wide battle of the bands competition.  December 2011 the band released an EP “Into the Woods” available digitally in the US and Canada.  Their debut album “My Head is an Animal” was released in Iceland in 2011 and will be released worldwide in 2012.  A good band and I hope their album has great success.

Alternative Music from Iceland

This week I will feature music from Iceland.  This tiny country with a population of 320,000 had an incredible amount of talented musicians.  Iceland music scene has a wide range of genres from rock/alternative to pop to reggae to hard core.  The indie music scene is also thriving in Iceland.  The most famous eclectic singer and composer to come out of Iceland is Bjork.  I hope you will enjoy this week of featuring some of the great alternative bands Iceland has to offer.