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This week #2 German chart, 1 week on the chart

CRO – Easy Pieces

Cro is a German rapper, singer and producer.  In 2009 he released Trash and in 2011 he released  My Music.  In 2011 he also released the album Easy.  His single “Easy” entered the German charts in the #2 position!


Reamonn (Germany)

This week featuring Germany


Reamonn is a German rock band.  The band formed in 1997 when Rea Garvey left his band in Ireland to come to Germany to make it in the music industry.  Reamonn released their first album “Tuesday” in 2000 and it received heavy airplay in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria.  The band released four more albums and three live albums between 2001 and 2009.  In 2010 they released a Best Of Album, “Eleven”.  Rea Garvey is now concentrating on a solo career and released his first solo album in 2011.  Thanks for the suggestion Amanda, Reamonn are a great band.

Zeraphine (Germany)

This week featuring Germany


Zeraphine are a gothic alternative rock band from Berlin formed in 2000.  The bands debut album”Kalle Sonne” was released in 2002 and gained notoriety for its lyrics which were written in English but sung in German.  Their following album “Traumaworld” was released 2003 with only two songs in German.  In 2004 they went on a European tour to expose the band to a wider audience.  2005 and 2006 saw the release of two more albums, to positive reviews.  The bands latest album “Whiteout” was released in 2010.  Zeraphine’s music is a combination of gothic and metal with beautiful, poetic lyric balancing between German and English.

Dead Guitars (Germany)

This week featuring Germany


Dead Guitars are a German alternative/indie rock band formed in 2003 by Pete Brough (of Twelve Drummers Drumming) and Ralf Assem (of 12DD/Sun).  They were joined by Carlas von Putten on lead vocals.  The bands debut album “Airplanes” was released in 2007 and their second album “Flags” in 2009.  Dead Guitars released their latest album “Stranger” in 2011, this album showcased some prominent musicians such as Michael Dempsey of “The Cure”.  This makes this album an extraordinary blend of caliber, authenticity and experience.


Blackmail (Germany)

This week featuring Germany


Blackmail is a German indie/alternative rock band, formed in Koblenz in 1993.  They released their first album “blackmail” in 1996 and their seconds album “Bliss, Please” in 2001.  Several singles off the latter album became very popular and gave the band some international recognition.  Blackmail released three more albums from 2003-2008 and embarked upon several nation tours.  The bands new album “Anima Now!” was released in 2011 and they are currently on tour in Germany to promote their new album.  This band has a great sound and I hope they get more international recognition.

Oomph! (Germany)

This week featuring Germany


Oomph! have been around for quite some time but I thought I would mention this great band as they have announced the completion on a new album and a release date of early 2012.  Oomph! is a German rock band that was formed in Wolfsburg in 1989.  This band is considered to be the original  Neue Deutsche Harte group.  Oomph! has released eleven albums from 1992-2010, many of the singles have done well on the German charts and have been chosen to appear on movie and game soundtracks.  In the 22 year history of the band, there have been no line-up changes.  The video is for the single Augen Auf! (Eyes Open!)

Rammstein (Germany)

This week featuring Germany


I don’t believe any post on German music would be complete without the inclusion of Rammstein – one of the greatest bands to come out of this country.  Rammstein is a German Neue Deutsche Harte band from Berlin formed in 1994.  Their songs are usually in German but they also performs songs entirely or partially in other languages.  Rammstein released their first album “Herzeleid” in 1995.  They released four more albums during 1997-2005, all were hugely successful and the band toured extensively promoting their albums.  Rammstein is famous for their incredible live shows of pyrotechnics and theatrics, earning them awards in many countries.  In 2009 “Liebe is fur alle da” was released in combination with a six nation tour.  On Dec 2nd 2011 Rammstein released a greatest hits album and have scheduled a European and North American tour.

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