Hot Hot Heat (Canada)

This week featuring Canada


Hot Hot Heat formed in Victoria, BC in 1999.  The band made its start as a hardcore band, but then mutated their sound a a dance-punk.  Their first full length album “Make Up the Breakdown” was released in 2002.  The album received critical acclaim both in Canada and the US.  “Elevator” was released in 2005 and “Happiness Ltd” in 2007.  The band has toured with big names such as Weezer, The Killers and Snow Patrol.  The bands latest album “Future Breeds” was released in 2010.


The New Pornographers (Canada)

This week featuring Canada


The New Pornographers is a Canadian rock band that formed in 1997 in Vancouver.  The bands first four albums, “Mass Romantic” 2000, “Electric Version” 2003, “Twin Cinema” 2005 and “Challengers” 2007 were all met with positive reviews.  The band released their latest album “Together” in 2010.  This album shifted focus from urgent, high-velocity rave-ups to mid-tempo tunes.  This band’s music has been featured on numerous TV series over the years.  The New Pornographers has a solid collection of well crafted songs.

The Weakerthans (Canada)

This week featuring Canada


The Weakerthans are a four piece band that started playing together in Winnipeg.  Their first album “Fallow” was released in 1997 and gained positive reviews.  “Left and Leaving” was released in 2000.  The bands third album “Reconstruction Site” was met with rave reviews even from international critics.  “Reunion Tour” was released in 2007 and the single “Civil Twilight” off of this album reached #1 on the charts in Canada.  In 2010 the band released a live album “Live at the Burton Cummings Theatre”.  The Weakerthans appeal to a broad audience as their music has been categorized from folk to punk to rock.


Said the Whale (Canada)

This week featuring Canada


This bands name pops up often in the indie/alternative scene in Canada.  Said the Whale are an Indie band based in Vancouver and formed in 2007.  Their fist full length album “Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia” was released in 2008 and their second “Islands Disappear” in 2009.  The band toured the US in 2011 and won various awards including New Group of the Year at the 2011 Juno Awards.  They have also released numerous EPs  and announced the release of their new album “Little Mountain” for 2012.  Said the Whale are gaining momentum and are definitely a band to look out for!

City and Colour (Canada)

This week featuring Canada


City and Colour is the recording alias for Canadian singer-songwriter Dallas Green.  He is also the guitarist and vocalist for the band “Alexisonfire”.  He released his first album in 2005, “Sometimes”, to a good reception.  His second album, “Bring Me Your Love”, was released 2008 and featured a wide array of instruments giving it a more folk-influenced sound.  In 2010 City and Colour embarked on a US and UK tour.  In 2011 “Little Hell” was released and reached the #1 spot on the Canadian rock/alternative chart.  Dallas Green sings about heartbreak in his outstanding voice and his his musical talent that merits him as being one of the best singer-songwriters today.

Arcade Fire (Canada)

This week featuring Canada


Arcade Fire are probably one of the biggest Canadian imports today.  They are a seven piece band formed in 2001 in Montreal.  Arcade Fire came to prominence with the release of their debut album “Funeral” in 2004 to critical acclaim.  “Neon Bible” released in 2007 and had huge success on the charts.  2010 saw the released of the bands third album “The Suburbs”.  In 2011 Arcade Fire won Album of the Year at The Grammy Awards and they won Best International Album and Best International Group at the 2011 BRIT Awards.  The band uses a vast array of musical instruments with the multi-instrumentalist band switching duties throughout a show, this makes for a powerful impact of sound.

Alternative Music from Canada

Canada has produced many of the “rock” genre’s most significant groups and performers, while contributing to the development of most popular sub-genre’s.  Perhaps Canada’s most notable rock bands are Neil Young, Rush, Nickelback and Alanis Morisette.  Canada is still producing some great bands which I will be featuring this week.