Udora (Brazil)

This week featuring Brazil


Udora are a rock alternative band from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, the band formed in 1997.  The band gained nationwide exposure after winning, through a battle of the bands-style contest, a spot on the main stage of the Rock in Rio 3 festival. The band was originally named “Diesel”.  In 2003, the band decided to move to Los Angeles in an attempt to break into the US market. They released two albums, Diesel in 2000 and Liberty Square in 2005.  In 2006 they moved back to Brazil to record a new Udora album with songs in Portuguese to be named Goodbye, Alô.




Luan Santana (Brazil)

This week featuring Brazil


This musician has the #1 single on the Brazilian charts right now.  Luan Santana is a 21 year old singer from Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul.  With the release of his first album in 2009 he became the most played artist on Brazilian radio.  He has since released two live albums and DVD’s and performed over 150 concerts in 2011.  No doubt this young singer is a Brazilian sensation!


Charlie Brown Jr. (Brazil)

This week featuring Brazil


This Brazilian rock group formed in São Paulo in 1992.  The band started playing gigs without an official band name, then lead vocalist Chorão crashed his car into a coconut shack named “Charlie Brown Jr.”  They released their debut album Transpiração Contínua Prolongada in 1997 and it was well received.  They also won a VMB (the Brazilian VMAs) in the Breakthrough Artist category.  The band released nine albums from 1997 – 2009 and released a live album and DVD in 2011.



Legião Urbana (Brazil)

This week featuring Brazil

Legião Urbana

Legião Urbana are said to have been one of the most successful bands in Brazilian music history.  The band formed in 1983 and unfortunately disbanded in 1996 due to the death of lead singer Renato Russo.  The band released eight albums while Renato Russo was alive.  A Tempestade was released in 1996, this album showed in introspection and sadness in the lyrics and Russo died a month later.  Great band with a quality sound.  They made very few music videos, and low quality of the few they did make, Rucco hated to make them.  This band is still one of the top selling bands in Brazil, even though they have been disbanded for so long.


Alternative music from Brazil

This week I will be featuring alternative music from Brazil.  In the 1960’s when Rock n Roll took American by storm, Bill Haley and Elvis Presley also became liberating icons for Brazilian youth.  Some radio disc-jockeys and recording companies set out to find new talents that could not only sing but who would also do it in perfect English.  In 1963 Roberto Carlos had two big hits with “Splish Splash” and “Parei na Contramão”.  Brazilian rock and alternative music has progressed since then, with today having a vast variety of bands that are not only famous in Brazil but tour internationally.  Music in Brazil is usually sung in Portuguese but those musicians looking to be recognized internationally also sing in English.