Empire of the Sun (Australia)

Empire of the Sun are know as an electronic music duo from Australia, but I would call them alternative with electronic elements. Empire of the Sun formed in 2007. Their debut album Walking on a Dream was released in 2008 and the band shot to international success. My favorite song off this album would have to be “We are the People”. The bands second album Ice on the Dune was released in 2013.  They have had a lot of success with their lead sing “Alive”, a great song which just makes you happy, if you haven’t heard it yet please take the time you won’t be sorry!


Sparkadia (Australia)

Sparkadia originally formed in 2004 in Sydney Australia. Lead singer Alexander Burnett made Sparkadia into a solo project in 2009. As a band Sparkadia released the album Postcards in 2008. As a solo project Alexander Burnett as released The Great Impression in 2011. I feel that the single “China” from 2011 is by far the best song Sparkadia has released.

The Crayon Fields (Australia)

Featuring Australia


This four piece band from Melbourne formed in 2001.  Their debut album Animal Bells was released in 2006 to good reviews.  Their second album All the Pleasures of the World was released in 2009.  This album received airplay in the US and heavy airplay in Australia.  In 2010 The Crayon Fields toured the US, they have opened in Australia for numerous big name acts.

Into the Night (Australia)

This week featuring Australia


I first stumbled upon this band on youtube where I heard their song “6 Degrees” and loved it.  Into the Night is a sextuplet band out of Melbourne.  They built their own recording studio and released their first EP “The Art of Honesty” in 2007.  The bands first full length self titled album was released in 2009.  Into the Night have a lot to offer with a rich sound and honest lyrics.  They are currently in the studio writing and recording.

Grinspoon (Australia)

This week featuring Australia


Grinspoon is an Australian rock band from New South Wales.  In 1997 the band released their first full length album “Guide to Better Living” and toured the USA for ten months as the support act for Creed, Lit, Godsmack and Anthrax.  After changing direction with their sound they released their third album “New Detention” in 2002. “Thrills, kills & Sunday Pills” was released in 2005 and won Best Album Award in Australia.  The band released “Alibis & Others” in 2007 and “Six to Midnight” in 2009.  Grinspoon has a lot of material to offer with varying sound.

Hungry Kids of Hungary (Australia)

This week featuring Australia


Hungry kids of Hungary are a five piece band out of Brisbane.  The band gained notoriety and radio airplay in Australia from their first two EP’s, “Hungry Kids of Hungary” and “Mega Mountain”.  They released their first studio album in 2010, “Escapades” to rave reviews in Australia.  Hungry Kids of Hungary’s music is an inoffensive brand of Indie Pop but with enough simplicity and style to please fans and draw in the masses.  The band is currently on tour in Australia.

Sick Puppies (Australia)

This week featuring Australia


Sick Puppies is an amazing band and one of the few to receive success outside of Australia.  The band formed in Sydney, in 1997 and is made up of vocalist/guitarist  Shimon Moore, Bassist Emma Anzai and drummer Mark Goodwin.  In 2001 the band released their first studio album “Welcome to the Real World”.  It was a hit in Australia and with the band gaining momentum they decided to move to Los Angeles, California.  Their next two albums, “Dressed Up as Life” and “Tri-Polar” were a great success with the song “You’re going down” reaching #1 on Billboards Active Rock chart.

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