Hadag Nahash (Israel)

This week featuring Israel


This funk/alternative band formed in 1996 in Jerusalem.  This band blends popular music with eastern elements.  In 2000, Hadag Nahash released its first studio album “Hamehona Shel Hagroove” (Hebrew: המכונה של הגרוב‎, “The Groove Machine”).  Their second studio album, “Lazuz” (Hebrew: לזוז‎, “To Move”), was released in 2003 and was immediately successful. The band’s third studio album, “Homer Mekomi” (Hebrew: חומר מקומי‎, “Local Material”), was released in 2004. The biggest hit out of the album was “Shirat Hasticker” (Hebrew: שירת הסטיקר‎, “The Sticker Song”) – see video above.   In 2006, Hadag Nahash released “Be’ezrat Hajam” (Hebrew: בעזרת הג’אם‎, With Help of the Jam, which was named Album of the Year at the Israel Music Awards.  Their latest album 6 was released in 2010.




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