Civil Twilight (South Africa)

Featuring South Africa


(if the video is blocked here is an alternate link Civil Twilight)

This three-piece alternative rock band is from Cape Town and formed in 1996.  They released their debut album Human in 2007 and gained an extra boost when several of their songs where featured on TV series in the US.  The band released their self titled album in 2009.  They had moderate success on the US album charts with the single “Letters from the Sky”.  Civil Twilight was announced the release of their new album Holy Weather for March 2012, the single “Fire Escape” has already been released and is doing well on the charts.  Good luck to these guys and their new album.


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  1. Brittany Brave (@BritBrave)
    Mar 22, 2012 @ 15:17:30

    “Fire Escape” is one of my most-played, favorite alternative rock songs out now. If THAT isn’t a good enough teaser for the album “Holy Weather,” I don’t know what is!! The more I read about these guys, the more I itch to see them live one day. Until then, Ill repeatedly enjoy the new album. Just pre-ordered it 🙂


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