Oomph! (Germany)

This week featuring Germany


Oomph! have been around for quite some time but I thought I would mention this great band as they have announced the completion on a new album and a release date of early 2012.  Oomph! is a German rock band that was formed in Wolfsburg in 1989.  This band is considered to be the original  Neue Deutsche Harte group.  Oomph! has released eleven albums from 1992-2010, many of the singles have done well on the German charts and have been chosen to appear on movie and game soundtracks.  In the 22 year history of the band, there have been no line-up changes.  The video is for the single Augen Auf! (Eyes Open!)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. frenchfilmblurred
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 15:19:07

    Nice sound! when do you put french stuff :p


    • Wendy
      Dec 05, 2011 @ 15:30:58

      Thanks, I have been researching France and will be featuring this country in about 3 weeks. If you have any music suggestions for France please let me know!


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