Francoise Hardy (France)

This week featuring France


I thought I could not leave France without mentioning one of the most beautiful voices in the world – Francoise Hardy.  Hardy was born in 1944 and grew up in Paris.  She had her first hit single in 1962 and sold over a million copies.  From 1962 to present she has recorded over 30 albums.  She sings in French, English, Italian, Spanish and German.  Francoise Hardy has a voice and music that is timeless.  The video above features two of my favourite songs that she sings in English.


MeeK (France)

This week featuring France


MeeK is the stage name for singer-songwriter Stephane-Franck Pascal from Monmorency.  A multi-instrumentalist, MeeK plays all the instruments on his recordings and provides all vocals including multi-layered backing harmonies.  He has released five albums since 2002, his latest “Archives 97/07” was released in 2011. In 2003 MeeK released the album “Sleeping with Big Ben” composed of fourteen Lennon-McCartney songs recorded in an all-acoustic and vocal treatment. The was limited to the Japanese market only and soon became a collectible amongst curious Beatles fans around the world. MeeK is working on a new album, it will be entirely in English and will be released in 2012.

HushPuppies (France)

This week featuring France


HushPuppies are a five member alternative/garage band based in Paris and formed in2003.  The band is described as a sixties revival band.  They released some EP’s but their first full length album “The Trap” was released in 2005.  The bands second album “Silence is Golden” was released in 2007 and the single “You’re Gonna Say Yeah!” was featured on the soundtrack of Guitar Hero World Tour.  In 2010 the band released “Bipolar Drift”.  The band has been touring France extensively in promotion of this album.

Kyo (France)

This week featuring France


Kyo is a French rock band up made up of two brothers and two friends, formed in 1997.  They released their self titled debut album in 2000.  2003 was the year of success for Kyo with the release of their album “Le Chemin”.  They won Best French artist, song and group of the year as well as Worlds Best Selling French Artist of 2004.  Singles from this album also had success on the French and some European charts.  “300 Lesions” was released in 2004.  Some singles off this album also had moderate success on the charts and the single “Contact” was used in the soundtrack for the video game FIFA’06.  Kyo released a Best Of album in 2007.  They announced that they are now on hiatus, so we can only hope they will return to the recording studios soon.

Stuck in the Sound (France)

This week featuring France


Stuck in the Sound is an indie/alternative band from Paris that formed in 2002.  The band released their self titled debut album in 2004.  Their second album “Nevermind the Living Dead” was released in 2006 and various songs from this album were featured in compilation albums.  In 2009 they released “Shoegazing Kids” and this album gave the band moderate chart success.  The band has announced the released of their new album for January 2012.  Look out for this band in 2012 and I hope they receive the success they deserve.


Phoenix (France)

This week featuring France


Phoenix is a French alternative/indie band from Versailles that have had great worldwide success.  The band formed in 1999 and released their first album “United” in 2000.  Songs from this album were featured in some major movies and TV episodes.  “Alphabetical” was released in 2004 and “It’s Never Been Like That” was released in 2006.  In 2005 the band went on a three continent tour and released a live album from this tour.  Their most recent album was in 2009, “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.”  This album produced great success for the band and received various awards as well as winning a Grammy.  The band is currently working on a new album.

Alternative Music from France

This week I will be featuring music from France.  This country has a lot of indigenous folk music as well as producing some legendarily classical music composers.  Modern pop, rock and alternative music has been on the rise in France with a number of great bands coming out and making it in the international market.  The French music industry is growing stronger. There are some major record labels that are based in France making this country in the bracket of one of the highest percentage of worldwide music market share.

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