Birds of Tokyo (Australia)

This week featuring Australia


Birds of Tokyo is a four piece alternative music band from Perth.  The lead singer Ian Kenny is also part of the band Karnivool.  Birds of Tokyo released their debut album “Day One” in 2007 and their second album “Universes” in 2008, both received success on the Australian charts.  The band released their 3rd full length album self titled album in 2010.  Their music consists of soaring vocal melodies, with catchy rock based guitar hooks and a driving rhythm section.  I hope in future this band gains momentum to become more internationally recognized.


Eskimo Joe (Australia)

This week featuring music from Australia


Eskimo Joe is an Australian alternative rock band formed in Western Australia in 1997.  This band has enjoyed major success in Australia with their third album “Black fingernails, Red wine” and their forth album “Inshalla” reaching #1. Unfortunately they have, for the most part, gone unrecognized in the rest of the world.  Their fifth studio album “Ghosts of the Past” was released Aug. 2011.  Eskimo Joe’s music has great song writing with amazing sonic production.  They are one of my favorite bands and “Inshalla” one of my favorite albums – take a listen, you wont be disappointed.

Alternative Music from Australia

This week I will be featuring Alternative music from Australia.  This country has produced many internationally recognized “super” band;  however there can tend to be a distinctive “Australian” sound that can become tiresome.  This week I will be featuring several alternative bands with recent releases that I feel break this mold and are truly original.

Spoon (United States of America)

This week  featuring The United States of America


Spoon is a five piece rock band formed in Austin, Texas late 1993.  They have received success on the album charts over the years but still have not received the recognition they deserve.  Spoons lead singer Britt Daniel worked on the soundtrack for the 2006 film “Stranger than fiction”.  Their songs have been featured in over 20 TV series.  The bands 2007 album “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga” was a masterpiece and received some commercial success with the songs “Got Yr. Cheery Bomb” and “The Underdog”.  In 2010 Spoon released their seventh studio album “Tranference”.   Spoon is a band with engaging,  intoxicating songs from beginning to end.

Green River ordinance (United States of America)

This week  featuring The United States of America


Green River Ordinance is an American rock band from Ft. Worth, Texas.  Lead vocalist/guitarist Josh Jenkins is joined by brothers Geoff and Jamey Ice, Josh Wilkerson and Denton Hunter formed the band in 2003.  Their debut album with a major label was released Feb. 2009.  “Out of your hands” enjoyed success on the charts with the songs “Come on” and “On your own”.  The sound of the album goes from catchy guitar-rock to heart-on-your-sleeve ballad.  In 2011 the band released a cover EP, covering songs from bands such as Fleetwood Mac and The Band.  If you are looking for brilliantly catchy music with outstanding songs give Green River ordinance a listen.

We Are Augustines (United States of America)

This week  featuring The United States of America


Formerly one half of the band “Pela” guitar strumming singer Billy McCarthy and multi-instrumentalist Eric Sanderson formed We Are Augustines.  Before the release of their debut album they announced the permanent placement of drummer Rob Allen.  The Brooklyn based trio released “Rise ye sunken ships”  in July 2011. This album takes the listener on a personal journey through a traumatic period in Billy McCarty’s life in which he lost his schizophrenic mother and his brother James to suicide.  The album is filled with with clever songwriting and rich music arrangement.  If you like music to have content and pack a punch this is the album to listen to!

The Airborne Toxic Event (United States of America)

This week  featuring The United States of America


The Airborne Toxic Event are a five piece band from Los Angeles, led by the vocals of Mike Jollett.  Jollet was originally a fiction writer and essayist before forming TATE.  Their debut self titled album was released in 2008.  The song “Sometime around midnight” off of this album was named iTunes #1 alternative song of the year.  It is a stone classic!  The bands second album “All at once” released to mixed reviews in 2011.  I am surprised that this band has not received more acclaim, but they have a loyal fan base on every continent of the world.  With Mike Jollets intense and gripping vocals and lyrics The Airborne Toxic Event does a great job of staying away from the cliche’ driven rock.

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